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Entry #1


2008-04-03 08:01:30 by Alayer

If anyone actually comments this news post i will go and make the best flash in the world. Only if someone comments though. Aha!


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2008-04-03 08:05:54

I like pancakes.

Alayer responds:

Gd point.


2008-04-03 08:52:41

I make comment two which brings your flash's quality up to best in the galaxy.

Alayer responds:

Yh about tht......


2008-04-03 09:13:18

Leave a comment!
Leave It!

Leave your thoughts about: ..

Alayer responds:

er... wtf does tht mean?


2008-05-04 05:38:27

Leave a comment!Leave It!

Leave your thoughts about: ...

Go make that flash! >:(


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